Samsung Magician Download for Windows and MAC PC 2022

Samsung Magician Download is the Software support to optimize Samsung Solid-state drive (SSDs). Using this software users can monitor drive health, manage to protect data, customize your SSD, and maximize performance just like a pro. Unlocking the full potential of your Samsung SSD.

That tool with the user-friendly interface is very easy to use Samsung Magician and all you have to do is, Begin the procedure and continue with your job until the background process is complete, and we are at the top, providing you with detailed instructions.


What is Samsung Magician ?

Samsung Magician is a tool that will show all sorts of information about the status of your SSD. You can diagnose the health of your SSD drive, Chace usage time, TBW (Total Bytes Written) information. That mainly specializes in Samsung SSD. But you can use that some of the features with other types of hard drives you have.

What Does Samsung Magician Do?

Samsung Magician Download providing Addition information about your SSD product and system. You can update new firmware, and benchmark for optimum performance. To use Samsung Magician, you don’t need to have any tech knowledge or any special requirement.

Samsung Magician Download

Key Features of Samsung Magician Download

  • Available SecureErase function, that can fully erase your data on the drive in under one minute.
  • Automatically Update the latest firmware.
  • Automatic Operating system optimization for DIPM settings, Superfetch, ReadyBoost.
  • Benchmarking application support tests the performance of the SSD and the connected devices.
  • Compatible with all previously Samang SSD Drivers.
  • Support Advanced Performance Optimization.
  • Alarm function to Firmware or Magician Update.
  • Diagnostic Scan that can identify the information state of the drive.

Technical Information Samsung Magician Download

Latest Version V
Last Update Mar 22nd, 2021
License Free
Operating System Windows and Mac Os
Author Samsung Corporation

Older Version of Samsung Magician Download

  • Samsung Magician – 16 Dec 2021
  • Samsung Magician v7.0.0 – 30 Sep 2021
  • Samsung Magician v6.3.0 – Mar 22nd, 2021
  • Samsung Magician v6.2.1 – Oct 22nd, 2020
  • Samsung Magician v6.1.0.170 – Apr 23th, 2020

How to Download Samsung Magician

  1. Go to the Samsung Magician Download Page.
  2. You can see the Download button top of the page.
  3. Click the Download button.
  4. Select Location to save the file.
  5. Now automatically Downloading files on your computer.
  6. Once complete the download, you can start the installation.

How to Install Samsung Magician

  1. Extract .Zip File.
  2. Open the Installer Application.
  3. Select language and click Ok.
  4. Now you can see the Welcome Setup page. Click the Next button to continue.
  5. Accept the Samsung Magician Software Agreement. Then click the Next button.
  6. Accept the Samsung Magician EU Privacy Notice. Then click the Next button.
  7. Select Addition icons, Then Click the Next button.
  8. Now ready to install, click the Install button to start Installation.
  9. After a few seconds Installation complete and click the Finish button to launch Samsung Magician Software.

Samsung Magician supported Windows OS :

Windows 10 32-bit, Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 8.1 32-bit, Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 8 32-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit

Samsung Magician supported MAC OS :

macOS 10.14.x, macOS 10.13.x, macOS 10.12.x, Mac OS X 10.11.x, Mac OS X 10.10.x, Mac OS X 10.9.x, Mac OS X 10.8.x, Mac OS X 10.7.x, Mac OS X 10.6.x, Mac OS X 10.5.x

How to Use Samsung Magician

  • Your first time launches the Samsung Magician Software you can see the first page is Drive Information.
    • Shows a brief overview of all drivers and benchmarks the performance.
    • You can BenchMark all drive.
    • You can See Drive Heath and Temperature.
    • Shows Drive Volume.
  • Drive Management Page has 5 functions.
    • Drive Details – You can select a drive one by one and see the all details of the Drive. Like, Drive health, temperature, serial number, Interface, Firmware, AHCI mode, Total volume, Volume Details
    • Performance Benchmark – You can Start to get a Performance Benchmark.
    • Diagnostic Scan – Scans for and corrects any errors or abnormalities in the drive.
    • Over Provisioning – Allocatea a certain capacity of the SSD to available space to improve the performance and lifetime of the SSD.
    • Performance Optimization – Optimizes and enhances storage performance.
  • The Data Management page has 3 functions.
    • Secure Erase – Permanently deletes data stilled in the SSD.
    • PSID Revert – This allows you to encrypted storage. All data in the drive will be deleted.
    • Encrypted Drive – Ecrypts storage device with Bitlocker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Samsung Magician needed?

Samsung magician support to optimize your drive more efficiently. It’s Not necessary, but that tool is very useful and easy to manage your drive just click.

What data does Samsung Magician collect?

Samsung magician collect your drive Serial Number, Interface, Firmware, AHCI mode, Driver Health, Temperature, Volume like.

Samsung Magician Supported Models

ModelModel Name (Capacity)Form FactorInterface
980 PROMZ-V8P250BW (250GB)MZ-V8P500BW (500GB)MZ-V8P1T0BW (1TBM.2PCIe® Gen 4.0 x4, NVMe 1.3c
980MZ-V8V250BW (250GB)MZ-V8V500BW (500GB)MZ-V8V1T0BW (1TB)M.2 (2280)PCIe® Gen 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.4
970 PROMZ-V7P512BW (512 GB)MZ-V7P1T0BW (1,024 GB)M.2PCIe® Gen 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.3
970 EVOMZ-V7E250BW (250 GB)MZ-V7E500BW (500 GB)MZ-V7E1T0BW (1,000 GB)MZ-V7E2T0BW (2,000 GB)M.2PCIe® Gen 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.3
970 EVO PlusMZ-V7S250BW (250 GB)MZ-V7S500BW (500 GB)MZ-V7S1T0BW (1,000 GB)M.2PCIe® Gen 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.3
960 PROMZ-V6P512BW (512 GB)MZ-V6P1T0BW (1 TB)MZ-V6P2T0BW (2 TB)M.2PCIe® Gen 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.2
960 EVOMZ-V6E250BW (250 GB)MZ-V6E500BW (500 GB)MZ-V6E1T0BW (1 TB)M.2PCIe® Gen 3.0 x4, NVMe 1.2
950 PROMZ-VKV256 (256 GB)MZ-VKV512 (512 GB)M.2 (2280)PCIe® 3.0 x4 (up to 32Gb/s) NVMe 1.1
870 EVOMZ-77E250 (250GB)MZ-77E500 (500GB)MZ-77E1T0 (1,000GB)MZ-77E2T0 (2,000GB)MZ-77E4T0 (4,000GB)2.5 inchSATA 6 Gb/s Interface,compatible with SATA 3 Gb/s &SATA 1.5 Gb/s interface
870 QVOMZ 77Q1T0 (1TB)MZ 77Q2T0 (2TB)MZ 77Q4T0 (4TB)MZ 77Q8T0 (8TB)2.5 inchSATA 6Gb/s
860 PROMZ-76P256BW (256 GB)MZ-76P512BW (512 GB)MZ-76P1T0BW (1,024 GB)MZ-76P2T0BW (2,048 GB)MZ-76P4T0BW (4,096 GB)2.5 inchSATA 6Gb/s